Happi Home Natural Candles

Candle care

Our quick, easy and free guide on how to look after your candle & yourself when you get your candle home.

  • Remove the plantable seeded paper dust cover BEFORE your 1st burn. It's only for use when the candle is in transit. It's for planting, not burning.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended, near pets or children.
  • Protect surfaces; the candle glass can get hot.
  • Burn for between 2-4hrs a time (this prevents tunnelling & wasted wax).
  • Ideally, snuff out your candle with a proper candle snuffer. This prevents excess smoking.
  • Trim your wick with sharp scissors! Trim to approx 3mm after each burn (this is important to do).
  • Say goodbye to your candle when there is 1cm of wax left. Time to try another scent.
  • Do not burn near drafts or flammable materials.